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“Every time I pass through my family room, I feel like my grandchildren are right here with me.  This is a joy.  You captured their expressions and personalities perfectly.  It makes such sense to me to invest in something priceless!  No furniture, clothing or other bauble would have been such an enduring Christmas gift as a memory recorded in a piece of artwork.  Now these kids’ grandchildren can someday enjoy it...  you can’t say that about many things a person could collect which do not last.  I love it.  Thanks so much.”

--Winnie Byrd
Baton Rouge, LA

“Bill loved his surprise!  It was especially meaningful that you painted his boys in their home away from home, the soccer field!  We have all spent countless hours there, and Bill loves the game so much...  of course, not as much as he loves Will and Jim!  The portrait hangs proudly in his office.  This may be the best gift I’ve given to him since I gave him the guys!  Thank you for helping me to surprise him.”

--Nancy Broyles
Shreveport, LA

“It may have seemed crazy to celebrate my 50th by commissioning a portrait of myself (!), but I am so glad I did.  Now that we’ve moved, I have a permanent reminder of my garden and pond.  Now that my sweet pet, Cricket, has passed away, I have a permanent reminder of her.  And you gave me a permanent reminder of me which I am able to share with Johnson as a memory of this time in our lives together.  Fifty is nifty!  Love you.”

--Joann Ramsey
Shreveport, LA

“Robin, I know people think portraits are just for little kids, but John and I are so glad we chose to have our 'grown-up' girls painted.  They have really come into themselves now, each with special quirks, talents and gifts.  The reason I got so teary when I first saw the finished piece is that you caught each one’s essence and in our own backyard, a setting that symbolizes what they most have in common:  mutual love and love of family.  I am touched every time I see our portrait and we thank you so much.”

--Theresa Meldrum
Shreveport, LA

“...and the thing nearest to my heart is your depiction of my precious children.  With every stroke you have poured yourself into this piece and shared something with me that spans lifetimes.  You give a priceless, fragile gift—frozen time.  Time is something that I never seem to have enough of, so when I view your picture of my boys, I feel my life at its summit, at its most meaningful.  You gave me more than you can ever know and I am certain that others who commission your work feel the same.  Much love to you.”

--Lori Baynham
Shreveport, LA

All the Comforts of Home is a perfect title for my portrait of Mother!  I wanted her to look as I see her now and will forever remember her, in her favorite chair with all her 'stuff' around her.  I realize this is not your run-of-the-mill portrait, but she is one of a kind, as you know!  Mother may not understand why I would want something like this, but the painting has become quite a conversation piece and it means the world to me.  So thanks very much for seeing my ‘vision.’”

--Sanders Fowler
Shreveport, LA

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